Resources to help recruit delegates

Are you trying to recruit others to be a part of a delegation? If so, you might find these resources helpful. (And if you've developed a helpful recruitment tool that you are willing to share, email us at, and we'll add it to this page.)



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The BorderLinks brochure has very basic information about BorderLinks programs. Send an email to and tell us how many you want, and we'll put them in the mail to you.





You can show these videos to people interested in participating in BorderLinks programs, or watch them yourself!

These videos — as well as others — can also be found on the BorderLinks YouTube channel.


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You can download these jpg files and add your own text to announce a trip, an informational meeting, or whatever else might help you get others interested in joining a delegation.

Download the large file, which should work well as posters (10 megabyte file).

Download the regular file, which will work as a letter-size (8.5 x 11) handout or flyer (3 megabyte file).












And here are some posters put together by people planning trips; they may give you ideas for things you can do on your own.

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Participant quotes

We've collected quite a few quotes from participants over the years. Here are a few that you can use in recruitment efforts.


“I did BorderLinks when Rick Chase was Executive Director. He had been my youth group leader at my churches in Philadelphia, which had a joint youth group. Rick left there to start BorderLinks in 1987, and our youth group went out there for a couple of summers. Unforgettable, life-changing experiences. Formative. I will always love BorderLinks. It shaped my politics and worldview in a huge way.”

-Andy, former staff person for Senator Paul Wellstone and organizer with the Service Employees International Union. 


“This was one of the most important, moving, raw, educational, and transformational weeks of my life. I don’t think a single person in my group would disagree with that statement. There were incredible leaders who were fun to spend time with, but also great to learn from. The people and experiences BorderLinks connected us to were truly incredible and I would argue that anyone coming to the Border Lands should come to BorderLinks to do it."

-Boston College student, January 2017


“I have experienced undocumented status from the point of view of a friend. I wanted to become more informed about the broader Arizona and national issues, but I didn’t expect to be so transformed and motivated as an educator. I have endless significant memories and new relationships in which to build” 

-Loyola School of Education student,  March 2017  


"It was incredibly powerful to walk the migrant trail and see how difficult and treacherous the journey can be under the best of circumstances. I’ve learned a great deal about the suffering and destruction of families our immigration policies are causing for the most vulnerable populations. I wish to stand in solidarity with BorderLinks as they do this powerful work to alter the current climate."

-Harry, University of Minnesota student, March 2017