Goals of a BorderLinks experience:

  • Explore historical and current immigration policies and their impacts on communities across the borderlands and throughout the Americas
  • Speak with people directly affected by migration, including migrants and others who live in the borderlands, and with advocates for migrant justice
  • Build connections with people and organizations fighting for migrant justice on both sides of the border
  • Think critically and intersectionally about solutions to the root causes of migration
  • Develop tools to take action for positive social change in your home communities

How it works:

Each delegation is a group of individuals that are committed to learning about the policies and circumstances that have affected thousands of lives across the border. Delegations can be pre-existing groups from universities, schools, civic associations, etc. Individuals and small groups that wish to join a delegation will be paired with other individuals or small groups to create a delegation. 

Delegations can range in size from 7-30+ people and a delegation’s length of stay can range from 1-14 days. BorderLinks charges $180 per person per day; that fee includes all programming, interpretation, lodging, meals, and transportation excluding airfare. BorderLinks staff consult with trip leaders to plan itineraries that meet the goals and needs of the delegation. We engage every delegation in workshops that delve into complex topics and current issues. BorderLinks staff end each day with a group reflection and conduct an action planning activity at the end of a delegation's visit to develop strategies and tools for taking action in your local communities.

Delegates stay in our dorm, located in our building just south of Tucson's downtown business and entertainment district. Delegates will enjoy lunches and dinners prepared daily by BorderLinks staff, who can meet any dietary needs. Delegates make their own breakfasts in our kitchen, using food provided by BorderLinks. We maintain a vegetarian kitchen. 

Special delegations for individuals and small groups

Individuals and small groups of less than seven can sign up for special week-long delegations for individuals and small groups. We schedule these delegations one - two times each year, normally in February and August. You can find information about upcoming opportunities on our Events page. You'll get to meet other people with similar interests and deepen your understanding of migration-related issues.

These delegations have five full days of programming and cover a wide range of topics. Programs begin at 8am Monday morning and end Friday evening. Participants may need to arrive on Sunday and leave on Saturday. The cost is $900 per person or $750 for participants who sleep elsewhere. Reduced rates are available. We encourage participants to sleep in our dorm to have full access to the community-building aspects of participating in a delegation.

Interested?  Download the information sheet to learn more.

Activities for delegations:

  • Walk migrant trails in the desert
  • Witness migration-related court proceedings
  • Visit migrant shelters and immigration detention centers
  • Meet with community members, activists, and academics throughout Tucson and the surrounding borderlands
  • Travel to Mexico or stay on the US side of the border to explore the Arizona context more deeply. 
  • Listen to many different voices and hear the stories of people who are impacted by border and immigration policies in a variety of ways.


For more information about activities, housing, and other helpful things see our FAQ page or email us at info@borderlinks.org 

If you are interested in scheduling a delegation please fill out our delegation scheduling form.