By supporting BorderLinks you help transform lives while inspiring our delegates to take action for a more just world.

At BorderLinks we consider education to be one of the most powerful forms of resistance. But we don’t stop there. Our educational practices are carefully shaped to be experiential, transformative, and inspire action. We help delegates from across the United States to See, Think, & Act. Indeed, our mission is to connect divided communities, raises awareness about the impact of the border and immigration policies, and inspire action for social transformation through our dynamic educational experiences.

Please join us in our mission today. Your gift is an act of resistance—an act of hope for migrant justice and social transformation.


“BorderLinks has brought a visual experience to what we only know through soundwaves—we can see, we can share now.” –Jenny M.

“BorderLinks has opened my eyes to see what we don’t see in the news. The people, the struggle, the arduous journey, the death... BorderLinks has helped shine the light on the cruelty happening over our line in the sand.” –Liam C.


“This was one of the most important, moving, raw, educational, and transformational weeks of my life.” –Boston College Student

“Unforgettable, life-changing experiences. Formative. I will always love BorderLinks. It shaped my politics and worldview in a huge way.” –Andy


“BorderLinks has done more than… I could ever put into words. This organization has not only shed light on the important issues of migration, it has also provided a platform and the tools necessary to continue the fight for migration justice.” –Diana R.

“The time I spent here has been life changing. BorderLinks has opened my eyes to the real issues of immigration and has inspired me to get involved. I’ve learned how this issue impacts everyone, not just one particular group.” –Morgan S.