Below you will find information that will help you prepare for your BorderLinks Experience. 


delegation registration

If you will be coming to BorderLinks as part of a delegation and have not already filled out the delegate registration form, please do so here.

The registration form will ask you to read and consent to the Participation Agreement. You can download that agreement here.  

The registration form will also ask you to read and consent to the Behavioral Covenant. You can download that agreement here


Delegates stay in our dorm, located in our building just south of Tucson's downtown business and entertainment district. Our dorm consists of 12 rooms that have 34 beds and a living room space with multiple couches. Delegates will enjoy meals prepared daily by our BorderLinks staff, who can meet any dietary needs and restrictions. We maintain a vegetarian kitchen. 

Photography provided by Nieves Montaño

Packing List

  • Form of identification (i.e. Passport, Driver’s license, LPR card, work permit, etc.)

  • Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, body wash)

  • Free feel to dress casually. Shorts or jeans and t-shirts are fine on most days. We ask that you dress presentably as you will be representing both your group and BorderLinks when meeting our community partners.

  • Long Pants

  • Sun protection

  • Sun glasses, sun hat, sun screen

  • Close-toed walking shoes.

    • Shoes with significant tread are helpful for desert walks; desert trails are slippery due to loose gravel and rock.

    • Sneakers with mesh are magnets for cactus thorn s, which are painful but not a serious health threat. Shoes with a durable, impermeable exterior provide more protection.

  • Jacket

  • Water bottles. We recommend 2 1-liter bottles, especially for desert walks.

  • Small bag or backpack for day trips.

  • Notebook, pen

  • Camera

BorderLinks does not have washers or dryers available for delegates. We can make time in your group's schedule to go to the laundromat if needed. 

We recommend looking up Tucson weather and packing accordingly before your delegation. Temperatures can reach over 110 degrees during the summer and below 40 in the winter.

Agreements and Expectations between Group Leaders and BorderLinks

BorderLinks staff take education work very seriously and have a well-developed method for preparing for groups and for working with groups while they are with us. We have developed a document outlining our expectations of group leaders and of the items we need groups to agree to.  It is essential that group leaders review this document prior to signing a contract for BorderLinks services. You can view that document here.


BorderLinks takes every precaution to insure the safety of delegates, which has led to 30 years of programs without significant problems. BorderLinks has thorough insurance coverage, including for travel in Mexico. BorderLinks staff carry with them emergency procedure information and follow check-in procedures when taking delegations to areas without cell coverage. And we pay attention to the little things, like making sure seat belts are fastened prior to departure and that personal water bottles are full. BorderLinks has extensive safety protocols, and we are glad to share them. 

For more information please email us at