Participants in a BorderLinks delegation deepen their understandings of borders, immigration, and social justice.

The reality of life in the borderlands is much more complex, and much more unjust, than most people realize, and BorderLinks delegations experience and learn about those complexities.  (We refer to groups as "Delegations", in case that language is a bit confusing.)

BorderLinks delegations last from one day to as long as two weeks, and the programs we prepare for delegations are based on their length of stay and on the needs and goals of each delegation. No two itineraries are alike!

Delegates stay in our dorm, located in our building just south of Tucson's downtown business and entertainment district. Delegates eat excellent meals prepared daily by BorderLinks staff, who can meet any dietary needs.

BorderLinks hosts delegations from institutions such as houses of worship or schools. BorderLinks also hosts delegations made up of individuals and small groups. 

You can learn a great deal more about delegations for groups here and about delegations for individual and small groups here.

Our FAQ page has a great deal of helpful info as well.

If you have questions that you cannot find answers for on our website, we encourage you to email us at or to call us at 520-628-8263.


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Our interactive map shows almost all of the groups that have been at BorderLinks since 2015. 
    "Before coming to BorderLinks, I felt helpless. Now I feel as if I have the tools to take action!"


     "I carry the lives of 5,000 immigrants who didn't survive the border crossing. I carry the lives of all the residents living in an occupied war zone along the border. I now live with the crimes against humanity that our nation have enacted along our border and abroad."
- John, Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice