Job Openings


BorderLinks is hiring a fulltime Program Organizer for the period of October 1, 2017, through June 15, 2018. 

Under the supervision of the Education Director, the Program Organizer plans and leads delegations, serving a wide range of constituents, including members of congregations, seminarians, community activists, and university and high school students.  The Program Organizer also develops curricula, facilitates workshops, maintains relationships with community partners, and builds new relationships in the community.

BorderLinks seeks applicants for this position who have experience in popular education, have a deep understanding of migration- and border-related issues, are bilingual, and are able to work long hours when leading a delegation.

The pay for this position is $32,500 on an annual basis, or approximately $24,000 for the term of October 1 through June 15.  There is a slight chance the term may be extended past June 15, 2018.

To apply, please send us your cover letter and resume to Application deadline is Friday, September 15.


Program Organizer Job Description

Delegation planning and leading:

  1. In collaboration with group leaders, plan itineraries for upcoming delegations.
  2. Schedule community partner presentations and activities for delegations.
  3. Lead approximately one delegation per month. This includes preparing reflection activities and facilitating workshops.
  4. Prepare contract employees to lead additional delegations each month.
  5. Interpret presentations, conversations, and group discussions from Spanish to English and English to Spanish.
  6. Remain attentive to and conscious of trip participants’ needs, including safety/health concerns and emotional responses to delegation experiences.
  7. Manage delegation-related finances: create budget, deliver payments, reconcile expenses.

Community Partners:

  1. Build and maintain positive relationships with community partners – the organizations and individuals who meet with delegations.
  2. Support the work of our community partners as appropriate.

Curriculum and Staff Development:

  1. Participate in program evaluations.
  2. Help design new curricula.
  3. Assist with training other staff, both full time and contract employees.


Desired Qualifications

  1. BA in Latin American Studies, the social sciences, humanities, or related field, or equivalent education and experience.
  2. Spanish language fluency required; ability or desire to learn to interpret/translate during trip visits.
  3. Demonstrated ability to live and work in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, ecumenical environment.
  4. Positive attitude and good people skills.
  5. Ability to drive a 15 passenger van.
  6. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  7. Strong commitment to the mission and organizational culture of BorderLinks.
  8. Must be:
    1. Flexible, organized and able to multi-task;
    2. Able to analyze and present data clearly and accurately;
    3. Able to work collaboratively with colleagues;
    4. Able to lift 20 pounds and walk approximately 5 miles a day.

Volunteer Opportunities

BorderLinks is an educational organization and we make regular use of volunteers in our office. Feel free to contact us for suggestions if you would like to connect with organizations that provide humanitarian aid along the border.

If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the our volunteer questionnaire here.


Photography provided by Nieves Montaño