Chiapas Delegation

An increasing number of undocumented migrants form the southern regions of Mexico lead every day on a journey to the United States. Chiapas, one of the poorest states of Mexico and a border state with Guatemala, is home to many of these migrants. 

The Chiapas Trip provides a platform to explore current immigration issues and to help us learn about how we can join communities and groups fighting for justice. We also visit sites that showcase the history, culture and ecology of the region.

The cost for the trip is $1600 plus airfare to Mexico City, and includes room and board, travel in Chiapas and program related activities. 



  • Fair Trade Activists: Meet with activists to learn about the economic policies and practices that affect communities and how activists are working for equitable trade
  • Rural Communities: Observe how these communities are organizing for economic and political development
  • Human Rights Organizations: Learn how to raise awareness about human rights issues on an international platform and engage in social action with local communities
  • Community Advocates: Understand how community advocates work to create educational opportunities, job training, and advocacy in their region