Delegation for Individuals and Small Groups

Taryn Kearns participated in BorderLinks’ August 2017 Delegation for Individuals and Small Groups.  Normally BorderLinks works with pre-existing groups, but twice a year we offer an opportunity for individuals and groups of less than five to participate in a delegation.  Taryn  had heard about BorderLinks through a friend and believed it to be a great way to learn about issues she cares about.
“Being able to connect with people that were willing to express their stories, that is something I would have been able to do without BorderLinks,” she said.
Taryn reports her experience as “being challenging in a good way”. She met a variety of people with different personalities and perspectives and said that BorderLinks’ practice of creating brave spaces allowed people in the group to be vulnerable with each other. What Taryn liked most about her experience was being introduced to new perspectives on social justice issues, allowing her to further her own personal, academic, and professional goals.
In the half-year since her delegation experience, Taryn has maintained contact with people she met in a detention center visit, drawn on her BorderLinks experience in her graduate school studies, and led a BorderLinks peer-to-peer fundraising drive.
Taryn recommends that interested people participate in a Delegation for Individuals and Small Groups. “What BorderLinks experiential learning does is very powerful. There is no better way of learning something then putting yourself in the environment.”
Upcoming Delegations for Individuals and Small Groups take place August 6-10, 2018, and February 4-8, 2019. More information can be found here or by emailing