ProPublica: BorderLinks recommends this news site

The independent newsroom ProPublica has a major focus on immigration, having published over 50 well-researched, hard-hitting articles on this topic to date. These are some of the best articles being written today about this issue, and BorderLinks highly recommends this source.  Recent stories include “Who polices the immigration police?” and “In Pennsylvania, it’s open season on undocumented immigrants.”  You’ll find all of the articles here.

·  “An investigation by ProPublica and the Philadelphia Inquirer found numerous cases in which ICE agents and police officers allegedly engaged in racial profiling, conducted warrantless searches, detained people without probable cause, fabricated evidence, and, in … one extreme instance, solicited a bribe. But in none of these cases have agents or officers been put on the stand to respond to the allegations.” (From “Who polices the immigration police?”)

·  “Since Trump’s election, the Suffolk County Police Department has stepped up its cooperation with ICE, targeting suspected MS-13 members for deportation. Shipping suspects back to Central America is easier and quicker than proving they have broken the law; even if suspects have committed no crime, ICE can petition to have their immigration bail revoked. In effect, it is a repeat of the same failed strategy that led to the creation of MS-13. The gang first spread to El Salvador from Los Angeles amid a wave of deportations in the1990s... Now, by deporting children who have come to America seeking escape from MS-13, the Trump administration is only intensifying the cycle that drove them here in the first place...” (From “A Betrayal”)

·  “Now that he had helped the police, Henry assumed his witness protection papers would be coming through any day. When he turned 18, he started telling friends and teachers he trusted that he would soon disappear to California. Then one morning in August, as Henry was making lunch for his shift at the toilet paper factory, the federales finally came for him. But they weren’t from the FBI or the witness protection program. They were from ICE. The same unit that Henry had helped to arrest members of MS-13 was now pursuing a deportation case against him, using the information he had provided as evidence.” (From “A Betrayal”)