Help Derik remove his monitoring bracelet

Derik Alvarez, who has told many BorderLinks delegations about his migration experience, can have his ankle monitoring bracelet removed if he pays 80% of his $12,000 bond.

BorderLinks invites your financial support for Derik, who left Honduras when gangs threatened his life and who was detained by the Border Patrol when he crossed into the U.S. to seek asylum.  He was released from detention on the condition that he wear the bracelet. He is required to pay a monthly fee of $420 for the bracelet, but if he raises $10,000, he can have the bracelet removed. A community member has pledged $4,600 towards that cost, and Derik is now attempting to raise the additional funds.

You can make a donation -- and read some of the harrowing events that transpired in his journey to seek safety in the US -- on his fundraising page.