BorderLinks Statement on DACA

BorderLinks stands with our undocumented and DACAmented community, especially as the current administration’s pronouncements and policy directives shake up people’s lives on a daily basis. BorderLinks supports dignity for all people in this country, regardless of status.

The latest news from Washington DC shows that groups are being bargained against each other: DACAmented people may receive a pathway to citizenship while their parents may not, and people who undertake the migrant journey in a year or two may find the hazards of the journey have increased significantly due to increased “border security”. One person’s dignity does not outweigh another’s. We cannot gain our humanity by denying someone else theirs. We stand in solidarity with our immigrant community’s fight for a just and humane life for all people in this country, and we ask you to stand in solidarity with all undocumented people.

Please call your representative and senators (202-224-3121) and demand that they support a stand-alone DREAM Act/ Immigration Reform bill that does not increase the militarization of border communities like Tucson or criminalize other migrant communities.