How to Prepare for your trip

BorderLinks Packing List

  • Form of identification (i.e. Passport, Driver’s license, LPR card, work permit, etc.)

  • Toiletries (including shampoo and conditioner)

  • Clothes for each day of delegation

    • Free feel to dress casually (jeans, t-shirts are fine).  Even so, we ask that you dress presentably as you will represent both your group and BorderLinks when we meet with our partners.

    • BorderLinks does not have washers of dryers available for delegates. We can, however, make time in your group's schedule to go to the laundromat. 
  • Long Pants (for desert walk)

  • Sun protection (especially during summer)

    • Sun glasses, sun hat, sun screen

  • Close-toed walking shoes (for desert walk)

  • Jacket (check the weather before coming)

  • Water bottle. You are coming to the desert. Remember to dink lots and lots of water.

  • Small bag or backpack for day trips. You may lock your big suitcases at BorderLinks during overnight trips away from the BorderLinks dorms.

  • Notebook, pen

  • Camera

We recommend looking up Tucson weather and packing accordingly before your delegation. Temperatures can reach over 100 degrees during the summer and below 40 in the winter.


More Helpful Information…

How to ask questions: Questions are more than encouraged! We ask that they be tactfully worded; we’re not here to change people’s ideas, but to communicate respectfully. Phrase questions in a considerate way; there are ways to ask and get the information you need without getting the other person in defensive-mode. If you are unsure about whether or not to ask a particular question, ask a BorderLinks leader.

How to use a translator: If you know Spanish we welcome your translating skills. To those of you who need a translator, speak directly to the person to whom you wish to ask the question, and the translator will jump in.

What about photos: Don’t start snapping as soon as you get out of the van. It is better, and more respectful, to establish some kind of relationship with the family first and ask permission of those whom you wish to photograph or take pictures with. After you’ve developed a sort of camaraderie with them, and things are less awkward, you’ll get much better pictures with your hosts.

Group intros, and thank-yous: we ask that one person introduce the group—where you’re from, etc.  Also, someone to thank our speaker when we’re done.

Personal greetings: handshake, “Me llamo….” (My name is…); “Mucho gusto.” (Nice to meet you.)

Body Language: Be aware of how you are. Relax! Smile! Enjoy! Since verbal communication is not always possible because of the language barrier, people will take cues from your body language.        

Water: Remember you’re in the desert! Drink lots of water. Refill your water bottles often. 

Safety while walking around: Just like in any big city, keep tabs on your wallet and pocketbook. Be aware of your surroundings.

**Ask questions about what you see, of the BorderLinks staff,

of the people we will encounter;

no question is too small.

This is an experiential educational adventure.

Allow yourself to be curious.

There is always a great deal to learn**