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Women on the Border Event Kicks Off 25th Anniversary!

Thanks to all of our supporters, both near and far, who made our 2012 Women on the Border event a success!

The community came together to celebrate the impact of persistent and powerful women in the borderlands and to kick-off our 25th Anniversary of providing Educational Excellence in the borderlands. View the Awards Booklet here.

Shared Board Co-President Randy Mayer, "Some folks learn with books, others learn from lectures, but for my money I’d put it on experiential learning, BorderLinks style. A BorderLinks experience doesn’t just sit on the surface, nor does it float pointlessly in the air waiting for a soft place to land. A BorderLinks experience penetrates deep into the participants mind and soul, and before they know it has turned their life upside down, scrambled all of the letters on the Scrabble board, and brought them into the struggle and solidarity of real life. It is transformation at its very best; it is the hope for a new world."

The night started out with a number of auction items, including gift certificates to local stores, baskets filled with items from BorderLinks delegation locations, and a selection of hand-picked wines.  We also enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by our staff and volunteers, with a special Grapefruit Cake as dessert made with grapefruit harvested by our community partner, Iskashitaa.

Later in the evening, Shura Wallin, co-founder of the Green Valley Samaritans, warmly introduced Linda Ronstadt as the 2012 Women on the Border Honoree.  Linda stands out for raising her voice to support immigrant rights and sustainable agriculture, and to oppose SB1070 and the practices of Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio. BorderLinks is honored to celebrate her work in speaking truth to power in the borderlands.

Rode Medina, a board president of HEPAC in Nogales, Sonora, presented Guadalupe Palomares with the 2012 Esperanza y Paz Award for her community work on the border.   Ms. Palomares is known for her outstanding mission with the colonias (neighborhoods) in obtaining basic services like water and electricity, and for demanding a fair price of these services from the  government.  She has worked with people who migrate to the Nogales, Sonora border, supporting and aiding those who occupy abandoned lots since they do not have a place to live.  BorderLinks and HEPAC are proud to honor the community building and generosity of spirit present in the life of Guadalupe.

The night ended with a presentation of a short video from a BorderLinks delegation with Carrol University.  The video gave us a peek into the activities of a delegation, hearing from activists working on the border and reflecting with professors learning about the various issues of immigration.

Special thanks to all of our volunteers who helped with the set-up, food, serving, and much more.  BorderLinks is thankful to have been a part of such a wonderful community for the past 25 years and looks forward to the years ahead.

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Special Thanks to Our Spring and Summer Delegations!

North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Arizona State University, Lake Forest, SOA Watch, Whitman College, Unitarian Universalist Association, Duke University (Duke Engage), Portland Jesuit High School, University of Denver, Social Action Summer Institute, St. Andrews UMC, Mennonite Church USA, Murray Hills Christian Church, Los Feliz UMC  

To see the complete list of our delegations, click here.