Group Delegation Information

Information about BorderLinks delegations

This page contains information for delegations that are pre-existing groups, such as groups from houses of worship, schools, or civic associations. If you are an individual wishing to join a BorderLinks delegation, you can find relevant information here.


BorderLinks delegations deepen their understandings of borders, immigration, and social justice.

Delegations have a variety of experiences, depending on the delegation's needs and goals. Delegations last from one day to two weeks. Delegations can walk migrant trails in the desert, witness migration-related court proceedings, visit migrant shelters and immigration detention centers, or learn about community-based projects that create economic and social opportunities within borderland communities. Delegations can meet with community members, activists, and academics throughout Tucson and the surrounding borderlands. Many delegations travel to Mexico, while others stay on the US side of the border to explore the Arizona context more deeply. Delegations listen to many different voices and hear the stories of people who are impacted by border and immigration policies in a variety of ways.  (You can find a list of the groups and people delegations can meet with on our FAQ page.)

BorderLinks also engages delegations in workshops to offer context and dig deeply into complex topics (and you can find a list of these workshops on our FAQ page). BorderLinks staff end each day with a reflection and conduct an extensive action planning time at the end of a delegation's visit, when delegates develop strategies and tools for taking action in their home communities. 

Goals of a BorderLinks experience:

  • Explore historical and current immigration policies and their impacts on communities across the borderlands and throughout the Americas
  • Build connections with people and organizations fighting for migrant justice on both sides of the border
  • Think critically and intersectionally about solutions to the root causes of migration
  • Develop tools to take action for positive social change in your home communities

BorderLinks staff consult with trip leaders to plan itineraries that meet the goals and needs of the delegation. 



Delegates stay in our dorm, located in our building just south of Tucson's downtown business and entertainment district. Delegates eat excellent meals prepared daily by BorderLinks staff, who can meet any dietary needs.

Delegations generally range in size from 5-30 people and last from 3-14 days. (Groups of four or less are encouraged to join one of our delegations for individuals and small groups. Find details about those here.)

BorderLinks delegates come from as close as Tucson itself, and as far as Beijing and Manila. Most of our delegations are groups from universities, seminaries, high schools, faith institutions, and civic associations. 

BorderLinks charges $180 per person per day; that fee includes all programming, interpretation, lodging, meals, and transportation (excluding airfare). BorderLinks staff will even pick your group up from the Tucson airport if you arrive at one time, between 8am and 8pm, and we'll return your group to the airport at the end of your visit if your airplane departs between 9am and 10pm. 

BorderLinks accepts delegations year-round. Our busiest times are early January, late February, and March, and we often reach capacity for those periods a year in advance. Summer can be quite hot in the desert, especially June, but being with us in the hottest months of the year can give delegates an incomparable sense of what migrants deal with on their journeys. We encourage groups with flexibility in their schedules to plan a trip for the fall months.

You can find a great deal of additional information on our FAQ page.

(Email us at if you have questions not answered on our website.)

If you’re interested in organizing a delegation please fill out our inquiry form.  You can also contact us at or by phone at 520-628-8263.