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Sustainable Futures Program


Learn more about the ways that BorderLinks practices sustainability in water use, energy use, and food production!

BorderLinks' Sustainable Futures Program seeks to explore the complexities of our food system, and its connection to migration and larger social justice issues. Keenly aware of the potential of individual actions as a catalyst for social change, BorderLinks addresses issues related to food and food justice during every delegation. We actively challenge the dominant system by supporting sustainable alternatives that value workers, the environment, our health, and our right to food sovereignty.

We create dialogue about where the food we eat comes from and everything involved in its production. By discussing everything from how the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) affected food security and spurred migration, to environmental effects of food production, to migrant farm worker rights and more, we encourage everyone to become informed and active participants in the food system. We believe that “voting with your fork” is a great start to fixing our broken food system, but making the shift from conscious consumer to engaged citizen is the next step.

In addition to having conversations about the structural injustices we are living with, we seek to serve as an example of sustainable living. We maintain an organic vegetable garden, harvest rainwater, raise a flock of chickens in our backyard, compost our food waste, and provide all delegation participants with delicious local, organic, vegetarian meals during their stay with us in Tucson.

We believe in modeling the future we hope to see, and strive to live with concern for our neighbors - whether they live right next door or across an international border.

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Check out information on relevant books and films in this Sustainable Futures Program (SFP) Media Resource List and Action Toolkit

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Special Thanks to Our Spring and Summer Delegations!

North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Arizona State University, Lake Forest, SOA Watch, Whitman College, Unitarian Universalist Association, Duke University (Duke Engage), Portland Jesuit High School, University of Denver, Social Action Summer Institute, St. Andrews UMC, Mennonite Church USA, Murray Hills Christian Church, Los Feliz UMC  

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