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Educational Philosophy

Depaul 07

Our philosophy of education is modeled on experiential learning: direct experience that transforms individuals and inspires action for positive social change.  We design our educational programs around the model of “Ver, Pensar, Actuar, Celebrar” or See Think, Act, Celebrate.  This form of education seeks to create dialogue as a way of solving problems, recognizing that we are all teachers and we are all learners.  We all have something to bring to the table, regardless of education level, economic status, race, gender, or class.  We value the human experience as a teaching tool.

Education for positive social transformation is an integrated learning model that embraces and works with the tension between theory and practice, reflection and action, and teacher/learner knowledge and new information. 

Participating in a delegation leads us to reflect on and analyze the different points of view of the people living this reality.  Our own perspective is often challenged and changed.  This journey invites and inspires us to develop more critical thinking and to join in the construction of a more just and caring society.

In all our work, whether it is with U.S. delegation participants or residents of border colonias, our educational pedagogy is grounded in the following commitments:

  • Makes learning exciting and fun,
  • Facilitates a space in which all are treated with dignity and respect, and in which violence of any kind is not tolerated,
  • Names, challenges, and transforms social, economic, and environmental practices that support domination and injustice,
  • Anticipates, addresses, and transforms conflict,
  • Embodies just and caring relationships between learners and leaders, and between group members and contact organizations and individuals,
  • Includes reflection and action,
  • Puts local issues into a global context,
  • Encourages collective action for change,
  • Is a part of a life-long process of transformation, not a single event. 

Special Thanks to Our Spring and Summer Delegations!

North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Arizona State University, Lake Forest, SOA Watch, Whitman College, Unitarian Universalist Association, Duke University (Duke Engage), Portland Jesuit High School, University of Denver, Social Action Summer Institute, St. Andrews UMC, Mennonite Church USA, Murray Hills Christian Church, Los Feliz UMC  

To see the complete list of our delegations, click here.