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Community Workshops

Looking for a way to engage your community around issues of immigration and the border? 

Our Community Workshops aim to provide educational dynamics and activities to groups who are either not able to participate in a delegation or would like a shorter educational experience for their class, church, or civic group.  Offered on a sliding scale basis, Community Workshops provide interactive learning experiences around issues such as immigration, fair trade, economics, privilege, and intercultural understanding. 

Please take a look at our flyer and the information below for more details. 
If you are interested in setting up a workshop or would like to learn more about our programs, please contact a member of the Education Department by calling us at 520-628-8263 or emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  We look forward to working with you!

Available Workshops 2014

Legal Immigration Simulation: 
This simulation turns participants into potential immigrants navigating the legal system, to help answer the commonly encountered question, “Why don’t they just get in line and come over legally?”

Free Trade Skit: 
This audience-participation skit explains the history and effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), providing a foundation for a discussion on immigration and economics-- with some laughs along the way!

Political Cartoon Workshop: 
With a selection of political cartoons from the last hundred and fifty years, participants in this workshop look for patterns in what the media says about immigrants. More than just chuckles at clever cartoons, this discussion encourages investigation into U.S. policy and views of immigration over time.

Immigration Simulation: 

Playing the part of small U.S. corn farmers, rural Mexican corn farmers, corporate CEOs, government officials, and law enforcement, participants experience first hand how corn, food, and free trade policies play an important role in the roots of migration.

Life on the Border in Art: 
Collage, paint, or sculpt your reactions, thoughts, and feelings --whatever is sparked by the video clips, music, or stories presented by our educators. Art supplies provided.

Sustainable Food & Immigration: 
This presentation and follow-up discussion focus on the connections between food systems and immigration. Participants are encouraged to reflect on the economic realities of food, agriculture, labor, and immigration in the U.S. and Mexico, and everyday actions that impact these interconnected systems.

Border History: 
Learn about the evolution of the U.S./Mexico border and how it has been -- and continues to be -- shaped by government policies.

Market Basket Survey:  
Explore the prices of everyday groceries in Border Town Mexico; then compare the time cost of those items with groceries purchased in the United States. This interactive workshop leads to discussion of and reflection on how our food system guarantees low prices, and how different it is to shop and eat in Mexico.


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Special Thanks to Our Spring and Summer Delegations!

North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Arizona State University, Lake Forest, SOA Watch, Whitman College, Unitarian Universalist Association, Duke University (Duke Engage), Portland Jesuit High School, University of Denver, Social Action Summer Institute, St. Andrews UMC, Mennonite Church USA, Murray Hills Christian Church, Los Feliz UMC  

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