April 4 is Arizona Gives Day! Arizona residents will make donations that day to nonprofits throughout the state — including BorderLinks! Make your donation here on April 4.Or schedule your donation for April 4.

BorderLinks coordinates educational delegations and leads workshops in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands and in southern Mexico, giving groups a variety of experiences to deepen their understanding of borders, immigration, and social justice. Many of our delegations travel to Mexico, while others stay on the U.S. side of the border to explore the Arizona context more deeply.  Delegations meet with people directly affected by current economic and immigration policies; delegates hear the stories of people who are impacted by border and immigration policies in a variety of ways.  Delegations meet with humanitarian aid organizations, government officials, and immigration rights advocates. We also walk the desert trails, witness court proceedings, visit migrant shelters and immigration detention centers, and learn about community-based projects that create economic and social opportunities within immigrant communities.

Delegates sleep in our dorm, which houses 33 people in roomettes of 4-6 people, and have access to showers. Delegates eat meals in our kitchen, prepared by BorderLinks staff. 

If you’re interested in organizing a delegation please fill out our inquiry form or visit our contact page. 


"Before coming to BorderLinks, I felt helpless. Now I feel as if I have the tools to take action!"
"I carry the lives of 5,000 immigrants who didn't survive the border crossing. I carry the lives of all the residents living in an occupied war zone along the border. I now live with the crimes against humanity that our nation have enacted along our border and abroad."
- John, Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice"